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Ok no really let’s talk about these masks! I was fortunate enough to be selected to try and review these new bad boys by L’Oreal via my besties at BzzAgent!



The first one I’m trying out is the one on the bottom there “Purify & Mattify Pure-Clay Mask”. My first impression is this stuff smells amazing, it’s like eucalyptus met mint on a hot summer night, bought it a drink and then invited it over to Netflix and Chill…




I started out by putting this lovely stuff all over my face. It was pretty thin and swept on rather easily. Within just a few moments I felt it hardening and drying out just like a good mask should! It’s been a while since I’ve used a good mask but holy s*^% this stuff was getting hard. It said to leave on for 10 minutes and I honestly felt as if my face was frozen in time. It was a really good freeze though kind of like that freeze happiness you can only get from a Dairy Queen Blizzard :3 (hungry).  OK let’s fast forward a few minutes, this is me smiling…that is the extent of my facial movement hah!

After my time was up (it went by pretty fast if I do say so myself) I was able to rinse this stuff off. It came off pretty easily and felt like I had this exoskeleton melt right off of my face. I suffer from really oily skin and when this all came off i was THRILLED. I have never seen my pores disappear quite like this before. The photo below is no makeup on right after I rinsed all the shmootz off of my face and is that….a bit of…a natural highlight :-O ?!  All in all I loved this mask, it shrunk the crap out of my pores, I feel like my skin is as matte as it’ll ever be and I LOVE IT! These seem to typically retail from 9.99 – 12.99 in local stores, I honestly think they are well worth it and I will be purchasing again!

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